About Holland Thomas: Everyone Deserves to be Safe at Work

Imagine standing around at work. A client inexplicably starts screaming abuse at one of the staff. The client then chases some staff and starts punching them in front of other clients and visitors.Before you read on, take a moment to think about this situation …

  What would you do if you were the worker?

  What would you do if you were a nearby colleague?

This was a real incident at this local café (pictured above). Sadly the experience of aggressive behaviours at work is becoming all too common.

Did you know workers compensation claims involving aggressive behaviours:

  • Account for around 12% of all claims?
  • Cost around $129,000 on average?
  • May cost $400,000+ for serious claims?

Travis Holland founded Holland Thomas in 2004

While supporting organisations both in Australia and overseas to safely manage their personal safety challenges, Travis found himself repeatedly asking 2 questions:

“How can staff build their capacity to increase their own personal safety?”

“How could the knowledge, people skills, and conflict resolution skills acquired in high risk environments be transferred to others?”

Focused on the everyday worker, we started Holland Thomas with the right expertise to answer these questions.

Everything we have since done at Holland Thomas to help others to safely help the people they support has been guided by our belief that everyone deserves to be safe at work AND those who can help should help.

Our journey from humble beginnings (our first 4 years were spent in a windowless office affectionately known as “the cave”) to where we are today has been overwhelmingly rewarding for our team. The value we deliver through our unique perspective has been making a real difference in the lives of the people we support for so many years.

Passionate about creating safer workplaces, we strive to enhance wellbeing for all, whilst also delivering improved operational and financial performance.

We have helped more than 20,000 everyday Australians to take action so that they can make their tomorrows safer.

Specialising in lone worker safety and the safe management of aggressive behaviours, we help people get home safe each and every day.

My Safety Buddy - THE solution to manage lone worker safety

Lone and isolated workers around Australia are now using My Safety Buddy – THE solution to manage lone worker safety. My Safety Buddy is a simple-to-use, intelligently designed, smartphone app and web portal based lone worker safety solution.

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M.A.B. Staff Safety Training

Thousands of staff and the people they support Australia-wide are much safer at work having completed our M.A.B.Staff Safety Training (Contextualised Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours).

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Over the last 18 years we have deepened our understanding of both our clients’ businesses and the unique challenges faced by their staff.

We have grown to provide tailored solutions for aged care, alcohol and other drugs, child care, community, compliance, disability, family, frontline, health, homelessness, library, local government, maternal and child health, mental health, paramedic, regulatory officer, transport, utility and youth service providers.

So ask yourself the question we always ask:

“What are you doing today to build your capability to better manage tomorrow’s challenges?”

If you have read this far, then call us today so we can help make your tomorrow safer too.

P.S. If you’re wondering, our office now has lots of windows and we continue to grow our team as we build our own capacity to help even more people.

A safer tomorrow starts with action today

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