Aggressive behaviours in the workplace? But we don’t have the budget!?!

There is foreseeable risk of exposure to aggressive behaviours in many workplaces.

Approximately 12% of workers compensation claims are the result of work-related violence.

In addition to the significant impact on the injured worker, workers compensation claims have a major negative impact on the team and the organisation as a whole. One average workers compensation claim for work-related violence will cost approximately $40,000. One serious claim will cost upwards of $400,000.

Of the organisations that do not have preventative measures in place to manage the risks of aggressive behaviours, many will have funds set aside to pay some serious claims – and also some minor claims too.

This begs the question. If an organisation can find the money to pay the serious claims, and it will need to find that money every year, why not consider investing a portion of the claims budget in preventative measures in order to prevent and/or minimise harm to staff at a fraction of the cost?

Some organisations are better positioned to actively seek out prevention strategies to reduce the risks to the health and safety of their staff. Some expected windfalls for these organisations would be staff who feel valued and who value their role, the organisation is seen as an employer of choice who invests in the personal safety and professional development of their staff, higher rates of staff retention, and of course lower rates of incidents and lower claims costs.

In the absence of proactive risk management, we can only hope that no one is harmed by otherwise avoidable incidents involving aggressive behaviours.

The sooner organisations are able to address the risks of aggressive behaviours, the sooner they will see the benefits for their clients, their organisation, and their staff.

If you don’t have the budget, speak with your Workers’ Compensation insurer about Risk Management Funding (RMF).

Take the lead and proactively manage the risks of aggressive behaviours today.


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