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Team TReKK (Trav, Rich, Kate, Ken) are putting our bodies on the line to raise money for charity. We are doing the Oxfam 100km walk on 10 April 2015.

Oxfam Trailwalker is Australia’s original 100km team endurance event in which teams of four tackle 100kms of Australian bush within 48 hours. This will be a challenge for us in many ways, but we are ready to do something epic to fight poverty and injustice throughout the world. With the help of our walking poles and our support crew, we are determined to start together, stick together and cross the finish line together!

To make each one of the 100 kilometres that little bit easier for us, make a tax deductible donation to Oxfam Australia (do it now or you’ll forget)


Oxfam Australia works with local communities to help them create their own sustainable solutions to poverty, promoting education, ensuring access to clean water, teaching skills to grow food and advocating for their basic rights. By supporting Oxfam Trailwalker, you are making a significant difference to people living in poverty around the world.

To read more about Oxfam Trailwalker … https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/3846/about

We are proud to support Oxfam Australia and thank you in advance for supporting Team TReKK!


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