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Holland Thomas were pleased to present at the 16th International Mental Health Conference on the Gold Coast.
During the ses­sion Psychological Injuries: Are we only see­ing the tip of the ice­berg? we discussed:

  • The increasing awareness amongst the Australian workforce of psychological injuries
  • The implications of those psychological injuries for staff, clients, policies and procedures, and the organisation
  • Strategies to mitigate the risk for all stakeholders

Psychological injuries can result from an incident involving aggression and/or violence even if no physical harm has been sustained by the staff member.

From the Home Care, Community Care & Outreach Staff Safety Survey , 23% of incidents involving aggression and/or violence resulted in the worker suffering a psychological injury. So what does this mean for all those higher frequency “minor” incidents that aren’t reported?

Insights were offered as to why organisations should continue to improve the support they offer their outreach staff, the effectiveness of training, and the importance of empowering staff who work alone to make better decisions about their safety.

Should you wish to discuss strategies to manage aggressive behaviours affecting you or your team, please feel welcome to contact Holland Thomas & Associates.

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