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Holland Thomas was pleased to present the workshop, Outreach Safety: Managing the Safety Challenges of Aggression and Violence, at the 15th International Mental Health Conference on the Gold Coast.



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Recent research shows outreach support staff regularly face incidents of aggression or violence while supporting their clients. In addition to the obvious impact of injuries suffered, such incidents cause significant disruptions and secondary costs for an organisation and tend to attract higher insurance premiums.

Within the context of increasing volumes of care being provided for clients in the community, outreach support staff are regularly at risk due to poor access to emergency assistance and exposure to aggression when working off site.

During this workshop, we explored the increasing safety challenges of managing aggressive behaviours focusing on sustainable solutions which enhance the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of outreach support staff and the people they are supporting.

Statistics around incidents of aggression and violence were put in to perspective with consideration given to the impact of incident reporting norms, and the opportunity to achieve a greater organisational benefit beyond compliance.

In addition, findings from the Home Care, Community Care & Outreach Staff Safety Survey were discussed within the context of outreach care. This survey has seen more than 250 organisations Australia wide contribute their insights and experiences to help better understand the safety challenges around managing aggression and violence. This industry wide survey breaks ground in this highly under researched area to strive towards ensuring all outreach staff get home safely each and every day.

Insights were offered as to why organisations should continue to improve the support they offer their outreach staff, the effectiveness of training, and the importance of empowering staff who work alone to make better decisions about their safety.


Should you wish to discuss strategies to manage aggressive behaviours affecting you or your team, please feel welcome to contact Holland Thomas & Associates


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