ITAC 2015 Conference

Holland Thomas were pleased to present at ITAC 2015 on the Gold Coast.

Understanding the challenges and solutions to managing the personal safety of staff, as well as having an awareness of how mobile technology can play a pivotal role, underpinned the key messages that were delivered.

Holland Thomas are pleased to be able to offer a technology solution for organisations that can enhance current staff safety practices. My Safety Buddy is a smartphone application designed to enhance the personal safety of users who live, work, or travel alone.

Drawing upon insights gained from Holland Thomas’ journey to build My Safety Buddy, we explored:

  • The innovative technology that will be a significant driver to improve the way organisations manage the safety of their staff
    • Why solutions need to be intelligently designed, sustainable, cost effective, with a low ongoing administrative burden that will actually enhance the way staff approach their own safety
      • The operational advantages of this technology for organisations and why investing in their most important asset, people, will deliver financial benefits
        • In the context of decreasing budgets and increasing duty of care obligations to ensure staff get home safely each and every day, My Safety Buddy provides the benchmark for an affordable and effective solution.

          To find out more about My Safety Buddy and see all of its features please visit the My Safety Buddy website.

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