M.A.B. - 'Contextualised Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours' Staff Safety Training


Holland Thomas is trusted by a wide variety of organisations across multiple sectors to help manage the increasing challenges of aggressive behaviours.

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Aggressive behaviours in the workplace can have a huge impact on organisations, their staff and the people they support.

In addition to the significant impact on the staff, clients and bystanders exposed to the aggression, when workers are injured the workers compensation claims can have a major negative impact on the team and the organisation as a whole. Approximately 12% of workers compensation claims are the result of work-related violence*. One average workers compensation claim for work-related violence will cost approximately $40,000. One serious claim will cost upwards of $400,000.


We understand that the language used when discussing aggressive behaviours is influenced by the sector you work in, your organisational philosophy and your values. You might talk about “aggressive behaviours”, “challenging behaviours”, “behaviours of concern”, “behaviours”, “occupational violence (OV)”, “occupational violence and aggression (OVA)”, “work-related violence”, and the list goes on.

We customise our training and consulting solutions to the organisational values, policies, procedures and language of each of our clients.

M.A.B. - Helping you safely manage aggressive behaviours

We have experience across a wide range of sectors. Even if your sector is not shown here, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.



Benefits of Holland Thomas’ proprietary M.A.B.™ approach include:

  • Create a safer workplace that enhances wellbeing while also delivering improved operational and financial performance
  • A more highly skilled workforce
  • Decreased number and related costs of incidents of aggressive behaviour
  • Increased employee retention and be seen as an employer of choice
  • Increased resilience, team positivity and productivity
  • Protect your organisation and key members of management from unnecessary legal proceedings


We offer a progressive range of solutions customised to each organisation and the roles their staff perform in order to reinforce individual learning and skill development over time.

Emphasising the importance of the safety of all concerned, M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training may cover:

  • Personal safety leadership
  • Decision making
  • Resilience
  • Contingency planning
  • Hazard and safety awareness

  • Continuous risk assessment
  • Avoidance strategies
  • De-escalation
  • Protecting yourself
  • Self-care


We offer a progressive range of M.A.B.™ (Contextualised Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours) Staff Safety Training solutions customised to each client – the work they do, the locations they work in, and the people they work with.
Progressive range of M.A.B. Staff Safety Training Solutions for Residential Care


The M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training face-to-face workshops offer contextualised training delivered by our specialist facilitators.  A key ingredient of the success of M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training is the experience of our specialist facilitators combined with their people skills to deliver insightful, engaging and interactive training every time.

These interactive workshops incorporate face-to-face facilitation, visual PowerPoint presentations, workshop notes, job aids, storytelling through case studies, group activities, peer-to-peer learning, quizzes and interactive role play.

Typically one day in duration, each workshop will combine an interactive training experience with group learning activities.

The face-to-face workshops maximise both the depth of knowledge presented and the opportunity for learning. Participants will have the opportunity to validate their actions taken in the past and to absorb recommended courses of action for challenges in the future.

Our experience has consistently demonstrated that this approach provides a framework for effectively incorporating learning objectives, maximising individual participation and enhancing learning retention.


The M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training eLearn provides easy to learn, contextualised, consistent, mobile, and self-paced content for adult learners that can be completed at a time of the learner’s own choosing.

We introduced our M.A.B.™ eLearn to help overcome the practical limitations of speed and ease of delivery associated with face-to-face workshops.

Learners can define their own speed of learning rather than following the speed of the whole group. Also learners can access the M.A.B.™ eLearn content an unlimited number of times during the licence period and can choose to review relevant areas of the learning material at a point of need.

The M.A.B.™ eLearn provides immediate cost-effective gains in terms of training venues, facilitators, course materials, travel and accommodation


Holland Thomas understands that you want value for the training undertaken by your staff and we appreciate that you would like to get immediate feedback regarding the success of that training.

Evaluation Summaries

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To make it easy for you to determine the value of the M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training for your staff and for your organisation, we provide you with detailed Evaluation and Self-Assessment Summaries for each face-to-face workshop and a combined summary at the end of a series of workshops.

For the eLearning program, these are provided as part of each Periodic Progress Report.

Click the above image to see a sample report.


100% Guarantee

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Holland Thomas offers a 100% Quality Guarantee for all M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training. We believe in the importance of our staff safety training, and we stand by the quality of our solutions.


As an industry leading training and risk management firm, our specialist risk consulting team at Holland Thomas takes a holistic approach when providing specialist advice and support. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you to identify, assess, manage and/or remove your organisation’s staff safety and security risks.


Contact Holland Thomas for information on our flexible staff safety solutions to help keep your staff safe.

A safer tomorrow starts with action today

Holland Thomas Specialist Training and Consulting

T: 1800 18 83 45
E: E: info@hollandthomas.com.au

* “Work-related violence means incidents in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work. It includes verbal abuse, threats and physical attack.” WorkSafe Victoria.