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THE go anywhere personal safety solution is now LIVE!

Utilising its web portal and smartphone app for Android and Apple phones, My Safety BuddyTHE go anywhere personal safety solution enables organisations to provide their staff who work in isolation or as lone workers with a better solution to ensure staff get home safely each and every day.

In fact, for the individual My Safety Buddy is an invaluable tool to enhance the personal safety of you and your family.

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My Safety Buddy’s key features include:

  • 5 second check in and check out
  • Welfare checks throughout the day with automatic missed check in alarm
  • Missed check in alarm
  • ‘Shake to activate’ duress (panic) alarm
  • Incapacitated person (man down) alarm
  • Watch Me alarm
  • Import your roster or calendar to schedule check ins
  • GPS location updates with mapping
  • Create user groups to fit your organisational structure
  • Customisable with the logo of your organisation

The app sends out rapid alerts for emergency situations in order to activate effective and timely help responses. GPS location, audio and video recordings and details pertaining to the user are provided to emergency contacts. The user can choose to have alerts sent automatically if they miss a check in or check out, or if they become incapacitated. With a simple shake of the phone, My Safety Buddy’s duress alarm is activated.

Accessed through any internet browser, the web portal eliminates the need for software integration. It provides a simple to use platform for the organisation to self-manage their network of users and to effectively respond to emergency situations.

When My Safety Buddy is active, the user’s wellbeing is continuously monitored. The user can nominate to have alerts sent directly to colleagues, or even family or friends.

Organisations can create Network Groups to make it easier to manage all the people in their My Safety Buddy Network. For example grouping employees in to any number of Network Groups, such as “Office 1”, “Office 2” and “Office 3”. Organisations can set up delegates to administer all the staff in their My Safety Buddy Network.


How can My Safety Buddy benefit you?

  • Accessible solution to assist you to meet your duty of care obligation to monitor the wellbeing of your staff.
  • Simple to use, reliable, and cost effective solution to notify others of an incident as the incident starts.
  • Compression of response times will reduce the severity of the consequences and associated costs of incidents that occur.
  • Information sent to emergency contacts will increase the effectiveness of your incident responses.
  • Superior alternative to existing ad hoc systems to monitor the wellbeing of staff from the perspectives of time, budget and consistency of application.
  • Accessed via the easy to use web portal, network administration time is kept to a minimum.
  • My Safety Buddy is scalable yet highly cost effective.
  • Staff appreciation of your concern for their safety will lead to increased morale and job satisfaction which in turn will result in lower staff turnover rates.
  • Avoid the considerable ongoing costs and administrative burden of other specialised personal safety devices in the market which are largely becoming obsolete.


Where did My Safety Buddy come from?

From their experience training thousands of people across Australia to better manage their personal safety, Holland Thomas identified the need to help organisations better equip their staff to manage their personal safety when working alone.

My Safety Buddy has been designed to leverage recent advances in both smart phone and internet technology.

The result is a personal safety solution that enables organisations to protect the safety of their entire workforce from one simple to use system comprising a mobile app and web portal.

Staff will feel safer and more confident doing their job when they have an easy to use portable safety solution in their pocket.


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