Travis Holland presents for the National Safety Council of Australia Webinar Series

PRESS RELEASE – National Safety Council of Australia Webinar

Safety professionals from around Australia joined the National Safety Council of Australia’s (NSCA) first webinar for the year titled “Safely Manage Occupational Violence / Aggressive Behaviours”. The large audience highlighted the growing challenges faced in this area.

Travis Holland, Managing Director of Holland Thomas, spoke about the development of a positive safety culture for the benefit of staff, their clients, and the organisation itself.
A less than optimal safety culture has significant human and financial costs. Now, more than ever, the obligation, both moral and legal, rests with every organisation to redefine what is ‘safe’.

All too often staff are uncertain when confronted with safety challenges. Do your staff have the skill set to safely manage aggressive behaviours? What guidance are they given by leaders in the organisation? What are the consequences for the worker and the organisation if a situation is not managed safely?

Investment in staff safety can deliver significant benefits to the organisation that are both measurable and scalable.

Travis discussed why building a positive safety culture should be an integral part of every organisation’s ongoing safety and risk management strategy.

The audience was presented with seven discussions that need to be had if they want to safely manage aggressive behaviours and why.
Travis provided insights and tips for the audience to take back to their organisation on how they can build a more positive safety culture to help everyone to get home safely each and every day.


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Passionate about creating safer workplaces our goal is to enhance wellbeing for all concerned whilst also delivering improved operational and financial performance.

Should you wish to discuss strategies to improve your staff’s safety in their work environment, please feel welcome to contact Holland Thomas.