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Occupational Violence Workshop

Melbourne – 14 August 2018

Holland Thomas has been invited to present at P2 Group’s Occupational Violence Workshop.

Occupational violence is a growing concern. Within the health sector alone, 25.5% of clinicians have been victimised.

Approximately 12% of workers compensation claims are the result of work-related violence. One average workers compensation claim for work-related violence will cost approximately $40,000. One serious claim will cost upwards of $400,000.

This workshop aims to upskill your workforce in managing the health impacts of occupational violence in the workplace and to provide a framework for a proactive and protective approach.

The workshop will cover:

  • What is occupational violence and how does it occur?
  • Identifying the early warning signs and environmental risk factors to occupational violence
  • Strategies for de-escalating emotive and stressful situations
  • Recognising the impact of occupational violence on workers – a physical, cognitive and psychological response
  • Developing a protective and supportive workplace culture
  • The importance of de-briefing following confronting and traumatic circumstances
  • Developing resilience, practical skills and tools to enhance personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of co-workers

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Travis Holland
Managing Director
Holland Thomas
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Should you wish to discuss strategies to improve your staff’s safety in their work environment, please feel welcome to contact Holland Thomas.
Our goal at Holland Thomas is to create safer workplaces that enhance wellbeing for all concerned whilst also delivering improved operational and financial performance.

This blog draws on our years of experience delivering our M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training (Contextualised Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours) across Australia and the development of My Safety Buddy, our smartphone app and web portal based lone worker safety solution.

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