M.A.B. Staff Safety Training for Maternal & Child Health Services


There is an increasing trend of aggressive behaviours directed at paramedics. Given the nature of the roles performed by paramedics, the physical and psychological risks to paramedics will be ongoing. Holland Thomas shares a commitment to the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of paramedics. For paramedics, our enduring and sustainable solutions effectively manage the personal safety and security challenges presented by aggressive and violent behaviours.

Our M.A.B. ™ Staff Safety Training (Contextualised Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours) has been specifically created to help you and your staff man­age the safety chal­lenges of aggres­sive behaviours on scene, in transit, and at the hospital.


Holland Thomas is a trusted training partner for (see more):

Ambulance Service of NSW


We offer a progressive range of training solutions customised to each organisation and the roles their staff perform in order to reinforce individual learning and skill development over time.

Emphasising the importance of the safety of all concerned, M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training may cover:

  • Personal safety leadership
  • Decision making
  • Resilience
  • Contingency planning
  • Hazard and safety awareness

  • Continuous risk assessment
  • Avoidance strategies
  • De-escalation
  • Protecting yourself
  • Self-care

Speak with our Client Solutions team to determine which components would suit you the best to help keep your staff safe.

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