Personal Safety


Whether the aggres­sor is known to you, is influ­enced by men­tal ill­ness, dis­abil­ity, alco­hol and/or drug abuse, or the assault is likely to be pre­med­i­tated, spontaneous or oppor­tunis­tic, we will help you to enhance your per­sonal safety and that of your family.

Phys­i­cal or sex­ual assaults or dam­age to prop­erty are obvi­ously dan­ger­ous. Seri­ous ver­bal abuse or threats can also dam­age your emo­tional and pyscho­log­i­cal well­be­ing through anx­i­ety or stress.

For a person taking out an intervention order (restraining order), the phys­i­cal dan­ger and emo­tional stress of the sit­u­a­tion is often over­whelm­ing.  We strive to help peo­ple in these dif­fi­cult cir­cum­stances regain their con­fi­dence and enhance their safety, and that of their fam­ily, enabling them to get on with their lives.

Our focus is on proac­tive strate­gies to help you to get on with your life by:

  •     Avoid­ing inci­dents in the first place
  •     Min­imis­ing the impact on you of any inci­dents that may oth­er­wise still occur.

Our personal safety training solutions and specialist advice are designed for all peo­ple who are:

  •     Tak­ing out inter­ven­tion orders against poten­tial attack­ers, includ­ing stalk­ers, dis­grun­tled employ­ees, and for­mer spouses.
  •     Vic­tims of crime.
  •     In dan­ger of being attacked by another individual(s).
  •     Seek­ing to enhance their per­sonal safety and that of their family.

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