I would like to mention the upcoming Global Frontline Challenge on 12 October.

The Global Frontline Challenge is a scenario based quest that will put you to the test. It is the only event of its type in Australia, is suitable for all fitness levels, and is a great opportunity for self-development and for team building too.

See what Carrie Bickmore and Dr Andrew Rochford of The Project thought of the last one.

“Go solo or get a team together, have fun and help others all at the same time.

Note that the Global Frontline Challenge is not a mass event so don’t delay, speak to your friends and get involved.

All funds raised by the event are donated to Access Aid International which is a great cause.

Access Aid International’s vision is a world free from poverty and human suffering. They work to save lives, alleviate suffering and enhance human dignity by providing access to health care in the aftermath of natural disasters and conflict and by improving the resilience of communities that are vulnerable to crisis.

Good luck!

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Access Aid International

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