The M.A.B. for In-Person Interactions  live Webinars are an optional add-on to the eLearn Course.

* M.A.B. : Contextualised Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours



The M.A.B.™ for In-Person Interactions Webinars are an optional add-on to the eLearn Course for those who wish to maximise both the depth of knowledge presented and the opportunity for learning.

Following direct consultation with key stakeholders, the interactive Webinars are contextualised to address the specific concerns you have for the safety of your staff.

Participants will have the opportunity to validate their actions taken in the past and to absorb recommended courses of action for challenges in the future.

The live Webinars have been designed for adult learners to effectively achieve learning objec­tives, max­imise indi­vid­ual par­tic­i­pa­tion, enhance learn­ing retention, and achieve organisational outcomes.

The M.A.B.™ for In-Person Interactions Webinars are recommended for aged care, alcohol and other drugs, child care, community, compliance, disability, family, frontline, health, homelessness, library, local government, maternal and child health, mental health, paramedic, regulatory officer, transport, utility and youth service providers.

Duration: 45 minutes
Maximum Participants: 50
Recommended Maximum Participants:
Platform: Cisco Webex “Meetings”, Zoom or MS Teams

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Who should do the Webinar?

The Webinars are an optional add-on to the eLearn Course for those who wish to maximise both the depth of knowledge presented and the opportunity for learning.

How do I schedule the WebinarS?

Once you have placed your order, a member of our team will contact you to schedule the dates and times for your live Webinars.

What is the maximum number of participants in each Webinar?

The maximum number of participants per Webinar is set at fifty (50). We recommend limiting the number of participants to twenty (20) per Webinar to ensure participants get the most out of each live Webinar.

Is the eLearn Course a pre-requisite for the Webinar?

Yes. Participants must complete the eLearn Course prior to attending a Webinar.

Can I order Webinars before completing the eLearn Course?

Yes. In fact it is good to order Webinars at the time of ordering the eLearn Course. This allows more time for participants to organise their schedules so they can be available for the Webinars.

What platform do you use for the WebinarS?

The Webinars are usually hosted using Cisco Webex “Meetings”. Participants will be given all the details for their Webinar at the time of registering for it. We can also use Zoom or MS Teams.

How long is the Webinar?

The duration of each live webinar is 45 minutes.


Yes. Please contact our office on 1800 18 83 45 to discuss paying by invoice.

Questions about booking online?

If you have any questions or difficulties with your booking please call 1800 18 83 45 or email learn@hollandthomas.com.au
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