Who Will Take Control of this Appalling Situation? Who Has The Political Will?

Upon viewing this report I was appalled that whist the rest of us go about our daily business safe and protected, some dementia care facilities are exposing our frail, sick, elderly citizens to random abuse and physical harm.

If this was happening to our own or those we know and love the outcry would be massive. What a monstrous act to allow an individual who is already suffering from one of life’s cruellest diseases to spend their final days in fear and dread of an unchecked violent attack from a fellow sufferer.

Angela Raguz makes good sense, it’s now time for the politicians to act and act quickly to prevent this wholesale misery from continuing.

The fact is that staff are just as likely to be targeted in this environment and in reality they have little or no training in managing violent outbursts.

Perhaps staff safety training would be a good place to start?

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Simon Stratford
Senior Consultant Client Solutions
Holland Thomas & Associates