M.A.B. Staff Safety Workshops give staff the right tools to achieve safer outcomes in the face of aggressive behaviours.

* M.A.B. : Contextualised Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours

M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Workshops take you through our 7 step safety plan to help you to safely manage aggressive behaviours.

By increasing your awareness of the risks of aggressive behaviours in your working environment, you will be able to better anticipate those risks as they develop around you, and can then implement strategies to lessen or remove those risks enabling you to work safely.

The face-to-face workshops incorporate face-to-face facilitation, visual PowerPoint presentations, workshop notes, job aids, storytelling through case studies, group activities, peer-to-peer learning, quizzes and interactive role play.

Each workshop combines an interactive training experience with group learning activities.

The face-to-face workshops maximise both the depth of knowledge presented and the opportunity for learning. Participants will have the opportunity to validate their actions taken in the past and to absorb recommended courses of action for challenges in the future.

Our experience has consistently demonstrated that this approach provides a framework for effectively achieving learning objec­tives, max­imising indi­vid­ual par­tic­i­pa­tion, enhancing learn­ing retention, and achieving organisational outcomes.

Upon completion of the course, learners will receive a Course Certificate.

M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Workshops are recommended for aged care, alcohol and other drugs, child care, community, compliance, disability, family, frontline, health, homelessness, library, local government, maternal and child health, mental health, paramedic, regulatory officer, transport, utility and youth service providers.

Workshop Duration: One Day workshops are standard though the duration can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Maximum Participants: 20 per workshop.
Location: Your metropolitan and regional locations Australia-wide.

Contextualised Course Content

Through direct consultation with key stakeholders we learn what specific concerns you have for the safety of your staff.

The M.A.B.™ Workshops are then contextualised to address your unique organisational needs.

This ensures the content aligns with your organisational values and is consistent with your organisation’s policies and procedures.

Emphasising the importance of the safety of all concerned, M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training may cover:


Safely Managing COVID Requirements

The health measures that have been put in place in response to COVID-19 are still highly emotive.

Unfortunately some people will respond with challenging, aggressive and abusive behaviours when asked to adhere to COVID requirements.

M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training will prepare your staff to safely manage these difficult situations.

Specialist Facilitators

A key ingredient of the success of M.A.B.™ Staff Safety Training is the experience of our specialist facilitators combined with their people skills to deliver insightful, engaging and interactive training every time.

Additional Delivery Options

Speak with our Client Solutions team to determine which components would suit you the best to keep your staff safe.

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